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Gossip Girl – Chace Crawford would love to reprise role

Actor Chace Crawford is more than willing to reprise his role as Nate Archibald for the upcoming Gossip Girl reboot.
Gossip Girl

As recently announced, Gossip Girl is going to be rebooted, and with that fact in mind, fans have been racking their brains figuring out if Chace Crawford wants to reprise his role as potential mayor Nate Archibald. Well, it seems promising.

Despite the vastly different role that Crawford has taken up in the new Amazon Prime series, The Boys, he is not against coming back for the Gossip Girl reboot. Crawford, who now takes on the moniker of The Deep, once upon a time played the role of Nathaniel Archibald.

Archibald, who played a major role in the novel-turned-TV series Gossip Girl, ended his chapter by announcing his intent to run for mayor.

In the time that followed, Crawford took on several roles including a role in Glee, Casual, Nighthawks, and more.

The Boys is a comic-turned-TV series by Amazon seeking to turn the idea of a superhero on its head as the so-called “heroes” are far from traditional supers. Crawford’s character, The Deep even goes as far as calling himself the King of the Sea. According to Crawford, The Boys is a series about “altrustic superheroes trying to save the world”.

We’re kinda flipping it on its head, and these superheroes are essentially the bad guys and doing all these corrupt things. I think that it’s fun, and it doesn’t take itself too seriously. It’s not like these altruistic superheroes trying to save the world. You kinda watch the show and you’re like, what is going on?

That being said, the series won’t star the now-older actors, instead it will be a new slate in the same world as the original series. All of the previous main cast are aware of the possibility of them reprising their roles, though, so don’t expect Crawford is the only one to return to their Gossip Girl roles in the future.

You can currently watch The Boys on Amazon Prime.

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