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Kendrick Lamar and Whitney Alford say hello to first child

Kendrick Lamar

In a shocking turn of events, Kendrick Lamar has entered fatherhood as he and his fiance, Whitney Alford, has brought a new life into this world. According to US Weekly, the couple had their first child on Friday and have yet to announce much else.

The two don’t often discuss personal matters, fans didn’t even know that Alford was pregnant at all until the news broke. Despite the lack of response from the duo, fans have showed their support on social media.

The two had been dating for about a decade, having sparked their relationship all the way back in high school. Lamar went on to be a Grammy-winning rapper while Alford went on to help him in styling his hair. She graduated California State University Long Beach, finishing her time with a degree in accounting. She then went on to become a licensed aesthetician.

Kendrick Lamar has been a very respectful fiance. As he said to Power 105.1’s The Breakfast Club, he’s very loyal.

I’m loyal to the soil.

He continued on to talk about respect.

At the end of the day, you want to always, always have real people around you, period. Whether it’s male or female, and everybody that’s been around me, they’ve been around since day one. . . . I always show respect when respect has been given, and people that have been by your side, you’re supposed to honor that.

Kendrick Lamar and Whitney Alford had a baby girl.

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