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Kurt Rappaport – suing ex-wife over extortion

Kurt Rappaport has accused Sarah Mutch of extorting him and threatening to "end his career in a week" following a divorce filing.
Kurt Rappaport

One of the richest celebrity realtors in the United States is claiming that he’s being extorted by his soon-to-be ex-wife. Kurt Rappaport, who had married GUESS-model Sarah Mutch, told TMZ that, following their $3 million wedding, she complained about their prenup, which was signed by both parties back in 2017.

She demanded changes to be done to the prenup or she would end the marriage. 16 months after their marriage, Rappaport filed for divorce. The lawsuit recently brought forth by Rappaport alleged that after he refused to alter the agreed-upon prenup, she went on a shopping spree with his credit card.

Mutch told him if he wasn’t to pay off her purchases, which tallied over hundreds of thousands of dollars, she would release purposefully false information to damage his personal and professional life.

After the divorce was filed, she allegedly went wild and demanded millions of dollars or she would “go to the press and f*** s*** up”. According to TMZ who acquired a police report, Mutch threatened to fake a “Me Too” sexual harassment report against Rappaport’s friends.

She demanded to get partial ownership of their house which is valued at $60 million alongside millions and millions of dollars. Kurt Rappaport told cops that she threatened to “drop a bomb and end your career in a week!” if she didn’t get what she wanted.

The prenup would provide her with $45,000 tax-free for half the duration of the marriage. Mutch is using the divorce case as a way to challenge it.

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