Mon. Feb 24th, 2020


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YouTube to make originals free and ad-supported next month

YouTube has sent subscribers an email to their YouTube Premium service. This email discloses that YouTube Originals will be free to the public next month.
YouTube Originals

YouTube has sent an email to their Premium subscribers to warn them the YouTube Originals won’t be blocked behind the subscription service in the near future. This isn’t too shocking, it was announced back in May that they were planning on allowing regular users to view YouTube Originals, albeit with ads.

This doesn’t mean every piece of content will be immediately free to view. They appear to want to keep some series, likely their most popular, behind that wall. Cobra Kai comes to mind when considering a notable YouTube Original. In the tail-end of 2018, it garnered a staggering 100M views, according to Deadline.

Following several scripted series, however, the team has stopped taking pitches for shows. They have seemingly been putting an effort into refocusing on unscripted series. Some of these past series include celebrities like Will Smith and Katy Perry.

The change will come into effect September 24, 2019. If you are an active YouTube Premium user, you still can and will be able to watch without ads.

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